Personal website of Stephen Ashworth

  • Astronautical Evolution – blog on astronautics and human progress

  • New in 2021: Planetopolis – partner site for setting up a commercial NewSpace company devoted to high-tech clean living on Earth, Mars and beyond

  • Published Articles (non-fiction) – on space exploration in print media
    Moonstormers cover
  • Novel – my science fiction novel The Moonstormers is now available in a range of electronic formats on the Smashwords.com website

  • Science fiction – novels, novelettes and short stories completed and in progress

  • General essays – including an interstellar lecture presented to the International Space University in May 2016, some reviews and the Great Sociology Debate

  • Wayland – an early design study for a small starship using matter-antimatter propulsion (which I now consider to be unrealistic)

  • Jazz – my alternative career as a jazz saxophonist

  • Poetry – two major poems and a number of short ones

  • Theatre – scripts for stage productions